We launched our first brand (KustomCaps) in October of 2011. It all started when a friend of mine called to invite me to the local maker space to see the new laser engraver he had just purchased. When he showed me samples of what the machine could do, my mind immediately turned to bicycles (and headset caps). I thought it would be a lot of fun create a unique, inexpensive, easy to customize line of products. I took a few of the blank caps off our bikes and used them to test the possibilities.

I loved the results and KustomCaps was born.  

As we grew KustomCaps in the US and globally we were always on the lookout for other niche activity areas that could benefit from similar customizable products. The one rule has (and has always been) that for us to start another brand, it had to be something that our family was interested and engaged in  

For that reason, KustomLax (lacrosse) and Mulligan Markers (golf) were launched next.  

Originally, these brands ran as three independent websites/ecommerce shops, but so many of our customers shopped across product lines that we decided to bring them together. We launched KustomVentures.com to consolidate the sites and allow room for expansion in November 2022.  

Even though we have grown over the years, we are still a small family run business based on Ohio, USA. We have numerous expansion ideas for the future, but still plan to keep the company small and family owned/operated with a focus on helping make your connection to your favorite sports and activities more personal.

Make It Yours!
Dan Shust
Founder, Kustom Caps, LLC


Telephone: +1 (440) 867-6503
Hours: Mon - Fri: 9 am to 5 pm EST
Address: 10560 Nobhill Lane, Painesville, OH 44077 USA
Trade Number: EIN 45-3692602
Email: info@kustomventures.com

Besides social media accounts for Kustom Ventures, we also have specific social accounts for our individual brands.
Kustom Ventures: Facebook | Instagram
KustomCaps: Facebook | Instagram
Mulligan Markers: Facebook | Instagram
KustomLax: Facebook | Instagram

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