Shut Up Legs Bicycle Headset Cap

Have you ever had a tough climb, where your legs were screaming at you to quit? Well, you might just need this headset cap to serve as a friendly reminder to keep on pedaling, no matter how much they hurt. Our Shut Up Legs Top Cap is the perfect finishing touch for any cyclist looking for a little extra motivation on their rides. Legs really need to shut up? How about some matching Shut Up Legs Bar End Plugs? Like the design but want a different message? Our Say It Loud Cap can do that!

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KustomCaps are designed to fit 1 1/8" headsets. They measure 1 1/4" (32mm) in diameter. This is the most common size on Road, MTB, Singlespeed, BMX bikes & more! We also offer laser-etched caps (black only) for larger 1 1/4” headsets.

LASER-ETCHED: Lasers away the top layer of anodization to reveal a beautiful, permanent grayish-white design.

FULL-COLOR: Created using a secret printing process reverse engineered from alien technology. The designs are vibrant, permant and weather (heat, cold, rain, snow, wind, UV) resistant.

Domed caps are made of 6061 aluminum and weigh 9 grams.

Flat caps are made of 6061 aluminum and weigh 5 grams.

KustomCaps Headset Bolts are made of 7075 aluminum are M6 x 30mm and weigh 3 grams.